SA Frog
SA Frog
(Ace x SA Tessie's Toad)
Sired by CC SA Roo (IMP Corrie x Penelope)

Whelped December 27th 2018
(National Fruit Cake Day)
Fruit Cake Litter
Raisin Dates
Sold - Black Male "SA Micah"
Sold - Blue Male "SA Glen">
J. Wagner,
Cherry Pecan
Sold - Black Girl "SA Mehgan"
Randell Family, CO
SOLD - Red Tri Male "SA Padraic"
D. Moriarty,
Cranberry Pineapple
- Red Girl "Cranberry"
- Black Male "Pineapple"
Ginger Apricot
SOLD - Red Girl "SA Ginger"
Sold - Black Tri Female "Juno"
The Marriott Family, UT

SA Rose
SA Rose
(SA Ghost x SA Ducky)
ABCA #389398
Bred to Firestorms Oso
Whelped Sept 28Th 2018

(National Straberry Cream Pie Day)
Strawberries Litter
Chandler Ozark
SOLD - Red Male "SA Jake"
SOLD - Red Male "SA Ozark"
SA Otter Jewel
NFS - Lilac Female "SA Otter"
Sonja Gregersen/Sandstone BC
SOLD - Red Female "SA Jewel"

SA Bella
Sire: Adam Lambert (Chip x Sadie)
ABCA #417427
Bred to Firestorms Oso
Whelped June 17th 2018
Sun Litter
ee red boy Sol
Sold - "Casey"
Larson Family, WY

SA Bella
SA Bella
Sire: SCR Just Jake x Dam: RS Mint Patty
ABCA #365190
Bred to SA CC Roo

Born February 15th 2018 by C-section
Our Twilight Litter
Atypical Boy Red/White Boy
Sold - "SA Finn"
G. Bacus, UT
Sold - Red/White Male "SA Luvy"
Black Girl
NFS - Black girl "SA Swan"
Sonja Gregersen/Sandstone BC

SA Mae Belle
SA Mae Belle
Sire: Midnight Storm x Liberty Bell
ABCA #358540
Sired by Binion (Chip x Gracie)

Whelped February 20th 2018
(National Cherry Pie Day)
Sweet Cherries Litter
Tulare Lambert
Sold - Black Male "Tulare"
The Burney Family, MA
Sold - Miminal Blue Tri Merle "SA Riptide">
K. Vanleuven, ID
Chelan Bing
Sold - Black Girl "Theodora"
Kidder Family, UT
Sold - Shaded Sable Boy "Jack"
L. Wessman, TX
Lapine Blue Merle Tri Girl Rainier
NFS - Blue Tri Merle Girl "SA Goose"
Sonja Gregersen/Sandstone BC
Sold - Blue Merle Tri Female "Rainier"
C. Kaczor, MA
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