SA Duckie
SA Duckie
Sire: Taz x Dam: Tinkerbelle
ABCA #337103
Welped on June 16th 2012. Sired by SA Ghost.

Duckie Pups
Black/White Boy
SA Rex
Red/White Girl
Sold - Black/White Male "Rex"
SOLD - Red/White Female "Sleeping Beauty"
The Hunsaker Family ID
Black/White Boy
SA Bear
Red/White Girl
SOLD - Black/White Male "Amos"
A. Brunyer UT
SOLD - Red/White Female "Koukla"
The Sampinos/White Family
Red/White Boy
SOLD - Red/White Male - "Duke"
Mr. & Mrs. Owens UT

SA Addie
SA Addie
Sire: Bo x Dam: Callie
ABCA #337103
Welped on June 11th 2012. Sired by SA Ghost.

Addie Pups
Black/White Boy Black/White Boy
SOLD - Black/White Male "Arrow"
Mr. & Mrs. Higgins
SOLD - Black/White Male "Simi"
Mr. J. English
Black/White Boy Red/White Boy
SOLD RIP - Black/White Male "Ringo"
The Sampinos/White Family
SOLD - Red/White Male "Red"
Mr. & Mrs. D Stoke
Blue/White Boy Blue/White Boy
SA Zip
Sold - Blue/White Male "Blue"
C. Catlett
NFS - Blue/White Male "Zip"
Blue/White Girl Blue/White Girl
SOLD - Blue/White Female "Izzy"
The Schwobe Family
Sold - Blue/White Female

SA Izzy
SA Izzy
Sire: JV Blue Buddie x Dam: JV Jil Ann
ABCA #340762
Welped on February 4th 2012. Sired by SA Ghost.

Red/White Girl Blue/White Girl
SOLD RIP- Red/White Female - Cowgirl
Sold - Blue/White Female- Dottie
Black/White Boy
Blue/White Boy
SOLD - Black/White Male - Eli
Mr. & Mrs. Buxton UT
SOLD - Gus
Lilac/White Boy Scout
SOLD - Lilac/white Male - TicToc,
The Poulson Family

Tessie Blue
Tessie Blue
Cody x No Bluff Jan
ABCA #223743
Welped on June 29th. Sired by SA Ghost.
All these pups have found new homes.
Male Pups Pups
Rio owned by Mr Baxter, UT
Toad owned by Sonja Gregersen/Sandstone Border Collies

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