SA Coral
SA Coral
(SA Possum x SA Izzy)
Sired by SA Zip (SA Ghost x SA Addie)

Whelped November 8th 2017

Coral Pups
Our Citizen Life Super Heros Litter
Blue Boy Red/White Boy
Sold - Blue Male "SA Quincy"
Sold - Red/White Male "SA Barry Allen"
Red Merle Boy Lilac/White Girl
Sold - Red Merle Male "SA Echo"
Sold - Lilac/White Female "SA CbarC Shelby"
C Bar C Ranch, Alabama
Lilac Merle Girl
Blue Merle Tri Girl
Sold - Lilac Merle female "SA Pele"
Gualt Family, UT
Sold - Blue Merle Tri Female "SA Yuna"
Quigley Family, Virginia
Blue Tri Merle Male
Sold - Blue Merle Tri Male "SA Igor"
Mujakovic Family, CA

SA Dixie
SA Dixie
(Rock x CC Paisley)
ABCA #356546
Sired by Binion (Chip x Gracie)
Due Whelped November 15 2017

Dixie Pups
Our Citizen Life Villians Litter
Black Tri 1 Boy Black Tri 2 Boy
Sold - Black Tri Male "SA Groot"
M Ballew, TX
Sold - Black Tri Male "SA Cheif"
K Stokes, TN
Shaded Sable Boy 1 Boy
Shaded Sable Boy 2
Available - Shade Sable Male "SA Edward"
Sold - Shaded Sable Male "SA Harvey"
, UT
Grey Tri Sable Girl 1
Grey Tri Sable Girl 2
Sold - Grey Tri Sable female "SA Cait"
Barringer Family, MA
Sold - Grey Tri Sable Female "SA Winnie"
Black Tri Male
Sold - Black Tri Male "SA Black Jasper"
E Durney, MI

Penny is owned by Country Collies , we're happy to have her here with us on a lease.
Thanks Teela Gray for trusting us with this sweet girl.
@Penelope aka Penny
(Skip x Zobra)
Sired by SA Zip (SA Ghost x SA Addie)
Whelped April 25, 2017

Penny Pups
80's Rockstars Litter
Red Girl Red Girl
Sold - Red/White Female "SA Tori"
C. McGuirk, IN
Sold - Red/White Female "SA Gizmo"
C. Lefferts & G. Lee, CA
Black/White Girl Black/White GirlBlack/White Girl
Sold - Black/white Female "SA Lucca"
T. Maag, CA
Sold - Black/White Female "SA Tina"
Coleman Family, CA
Black/White Girl Black/White Boy
Sold - Black/White Female "SA Sky"
R. Lynma, NY
Sold - Black/White Male "SA Jax"
S. Richman, UT
Black/white Boy Red/White Boy
Sold - Black/White Male "SA Bandit"
A. Ledbetter, CA

>Sold - Red/White Male "SA Winston"
R. Springmann, NH

SA Rose
SA Rose
(SA Ghost x SA Ducky)
ABCA #389398
Sired by Imp Corrie (Robbie ISDA #235431 x Cherry ISDA #277403)- Imp Corrie owned by Tempest Kennels
Imp Corrie owned by Tempest Kennels
Whelped May 10, 2017

Rose Pups
Planets Litter
Blue GirlBlue Girl Red Tri Girl
Sold - Blue Female "SA CC Cloey"
T. Gray, UT
Sold - Red Tri Female "SA Liberty"
J. Cummings, CA
Red Tri BoyRed Tri Boy
Red Tri Boy
Sold - Red Tri Male "SA Major"
C. MacDonald, CA
Sold - Red Tri Male "SA Max"
E. Cervantes, CA
Lilac Boy Mousse
Sold - Liliac Male "SA Mousse"
McDonald Family , NY